Dreamweaver Assignments – Due May 1

  1. Read and go through examples in Lesson 08.   It is a long chapter and includes lots of code, but very instructive in database, email and other PHP techniques.   It is worth the time.
  2. Project 6: Submit a working version of one of the major exercises in Lesson 08:
    • The first contact form (comment.php) without the ReCaptcha
    • The second more complex contact form (inquiry.php)
    • The complete password reset function
  3. Quiz 3 (coming soon)

1 comment for “Dreamweaver Assignments – Due May 1

  1. April 29, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    Hi Jay,

    My password reset function is not working correctly.
    ‘Lost you password?’ (link) on the following pages:

    Zend Member Login

    Zend Mail Form

    I’m getting the error: ‘Sorry, there is no record of that address.’ It seems like its’ not connecting to the database or can’t read it from the database and I can’t find the problem. Any ideas?

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