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Santa Rosa, California

Web Programming Projects

On Github

Math Tutorial System | Tutorial math system built with Javascript and Angular

Webschool | A eLearning CMS for College Coding Classes — JS PHP MariaDB

Multiselector Form Elements | Javascript method for accessing multiple values

YouTube Search App | Angular web app demonstration

DOM Animation | JS Closures & DOM Animation

Javascript Collation | Working with JS Arrays and Objects

Data Visualization Demo | AJAX and Google Chart API

DOM Traversal with JS Recursion | A re-writing of getElementsByTagname

Drawing with Javascript and Canvas | The US Flag demonstration

Dynamic Tabbed Interface | Demonstrating the JS call( ) method

A Simple Notes Web App | Demonstration of HTML5 Localstorage

Product Filters | Native JS Array methods to filter web presentations

Web design & development

Real Music Website

Real Music
ECommerce responsive website built with Drupal

Benziger Website

Benziger Winery
eCommerce Platform for mid-sized winery

Eliane Elias Website

Eliane Elias
Responsive Wordpress website for international music performer

Linda Weiss Website

Linda Weiss
Custom website for nationally recognized goldsmith and artist

Shomrei Torah Website

Shomrei Torah
Wordpress website for religious community

Jeffrey Goffo Website

Jeffrey Goffo Construction
Custom construction business website with excellent search engine optimization

Quattro Website

Quattro Olive Oil
Custom website for small agro-business

Sonoma Lega Website

Sonoma Legal
Custom website for legal practice